Data Centre Operations Manual (DCOM)


The purpose of the DATA CENTER OPERATIONS MANUAL(DCOM)  is to provide operations staff with a single comprehensive easy to use document that documents your site’s present status, operating characteristics, operating procedures, and maintenance procedures. The DCOM is intended to take the form of an electronic manual that would include all critical information pertaining to the Data Center’s infrastructure elements (i.e. hardware layout, electrical distribution system, mechanical systems, communications plant, racking plan, fire suppression system, monitoring systems, etc.).

Our DCOM is delivered loaded onto an iPad and is a comprehensive bookmarked PDF file.  The iPad makes the DCOM manual portable and easily accessible to staff while working in your data centre or throughout your facility.

The DCOM would provide you with a valuable operations document with all of your emergency operating procedures and operations manuals for all of your critical systems. It can be consulted for many years over the lifespan of your data centre. Some of the benefits of the DCOM would include the following:iPad


Benefits of DCOM


·         Provides a single record (on iPad) that contains ALL critical site information including:



  • Provides a single reference for EMERGENCY PROCEDURES in the event of environmental system emergencies (i.e. power failures, cooling system failures, fire, etc.)
  • Emergency contacts list for all clients and maintenance suppliers.
  • Can be used as a training support manual for all systems operators and personnel.
  • Provides an accurate documented inventory of all data center support hardware (proper inventory (tech specifications etc.) of all critical components).
  • Provides a collection of accurate current status drawings for efficient site planning. Management, emergency procedure execution, maintenance, and capacity planning.
  • O&M manuals for Electrical Power Generation and distribution information.(UPS, MG, etc.)
  • O&M manuals for Environmental Control Systems information.(Cooling, heating, humidification, etc.)
  • O&M manuals for monitoring systems (security, fire, environmental).
  • Will provide an accurate prioritized list of routine maintenance procedures (i.e. maintenance frequency list).