Data Centre Design

Our Design and SOR services can provide project scope, lead time and budget estimates, evaluate and specify environmental support systems, evaluate and specify capacities and room size requirements for IT spaces, while ensuring consistency with your reliability and availability requirements (based on TIER level best practice standards). Through this process, we thoroughly document and identify your needs and requirements to our architects and engineers, for the final design of all critical support systems. We act as your IT infrastructure expert for the duration of the project.

Whether you are planning a new 10,000 square-foot data center, designing a 300 square-foot server room, or replacing some aging electrical distribution components and computer room air-conditioning systems, we will work with you to develop a proper SOR that will accurately assess and identify your requirements to all members of your design and construction team.

Our fully functional “Best Practices” Demo Centre is available here in Ottawa to assist you throughout the design and equipment selection process.

Because we are current with hardware evolution trends and their requirements (blades, etc.), we are able to properly specify ‘best practices’ infrastructure support systems, right from the beginning.

A typical SOR would address the following elements:

  • Data Centre shell construction (vapor barriers, security, acoustics, lighting, etc.)
  • Access flooring, ramps, and lifts (if/as required)
  • Equipment racks and racking requirements
  • Electrical power distribution systems
  • Performance grounding systems
  • Emergency power generation systems
  • Electrical wiring and cabling
  • Electrostatic discharge elements (ESD)
  • Computer room AC systems
  • Heat rejection systems (condensers, cooling towers, drycoolers, etc.)
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • Access control and security systems
  • Environmental monitoring systems

Project Management and Commissioning

We provide a full range of project management and commissioning services, consistent with best practices for high-availability IT environments. We have overseen, commissioned, and managed a variety of IT infrastructure deployment projects from multi-module MW UPS systems and 300 ton computer room cooling systems to 500 square-foot server rooms with 10 kW of UPS power and cooling.

IT Infrastructure Systems Test, Evaluation and Diagnostics

We offer a full complement of tests and diagnostic services for your critical environment. We have a wide range of experience in troubleshooting IT infrastructure systems, both on the electrical and mechanical side. We can provide a full range of IT infrastructure test and evaluation services such as:

  • Computer Room Environmental Systems Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Computer Room Contamination Studies, Assessments, and Evaluations
  • Power Quality Monitoring, Analysis, and Trouble Shooting
  • Harmonic Analysis and Mitigation Studies
  • Electrical Load Studies and Power Consumption Studies
  • Infrared Thermography Studies and Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis of Electronic Equipment (i.e. power supplies, hard drives, switches, etc.)
  • Grounding System Resistance Testing and Analysis
  • Safety Code 6 Compliance Testing
  • Temperature and Humidity Data Logging and Analysis
  • Electro Static Discharge Studies and Testing (ESD floor and workstation testing)
  • Contamination and Equipment Failure Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Interference Studies (full spectrum DC(0 hz) to HF(2 Ghz))
  • Electronic Equipment Performance Troubleshooting (VSD’s, Controls, Automated Systems, LAN’s, etc.)·