Data Centre Assessment Self-Test

IMG_1496Unfortunately, mismanaged data centres and unreliable critical environments are no laughing matter, if you’re the one in charge.  With over 20 years experience in data center infrastructure technologies, we can state that we have seen it ALL – from power bars plugged into themselves, to critical data cabling hanging by paper clips to suspended ceiling grids.  Yes, it appears that there is no shortage of bad ideas in many critical environments.  An unbiased honest evaluation may be just what you need to help you identify problems, correct them promptly, and get you a better night’s sleep.  Call us now to find out how we can help you.

If you answer NO to any of the following questions then you would likely benefit from our Data Centre Site Assessment (DCA).

  1. Do you know how much of your total electrical capacity is presently being used?
  2. Do you know how much of your total usable cooling capacity is left?
  3. Does your site meet best practice standards?
  4. What would likely be the Tier Level Rating of your facility?
  5. If a branch circuit breaker tripped and you lost power to any single equipment rack, server, or component, could you quickly and confidently identify what panel board and circuit it is fed from?
  6. Are all of your electrical and data communications cables clearly identified, properly organized, and securely fastened? (or is it a rat’s nest?)
  7. Is there an accurate up-to-date electrical and mechanical single line drawing clearly posted IN your data center and all of your equipment room areas, so that they can be referenced quickly in an emergency?
  8. Are you able to state how much additional hardware growth your site could handle today?
  9. Do you know if all of your UPS system batteries are functional and can support your critical loads in the event of a power failure?  Do you know when they were last tested (I mean a real load test NOT just a visual)?
  10. Do you know precisely how long your present UPS system will support your critical load?
  11. Do you and/or your staff know who and where to call in case of equipment shutdown and/or failure?
  12. Are your critical environments clean and free of all unused and obsolete wiring and cabling in your under floor? Can you identify all obsolete cabling?
  13. Do you know if your UPS, Generator, and/or Air Conditioning systems are at, or nearing the end of their life cycle? Do you have a life cycle replacement strategy in place?
  14. Do you know if your site has “N+1”, “2N”, or “2(N+1)” redundancy built into the environmental systems design? Is it a requirement?
  15. Do you have an up-to-date emergency site operations manual?
  16. Have you had a single point failure analysis performed lately (or ever)?




Each client will have specific needs, so we always start off our Site Audit by visiting our client at the site, to determine the exact requirements of the DCA . The site visit typically takes between 1 and 3 hours (depending on the complexity of the site), with an additional few hours to prepare our proposal.  Don’t hesitate to contact Marc Belanger directly at (613) 720-9351 or via email to schedule a meeting.