Data Centre Assessment

Is your site a mess and out of control? Are you uncertain as to what you should tackle first? If so you need a comprehensive Critical Environment Site Assessment (CESA). The CESA is essentially a comprehensive site audit. It is essentially both a ‘snap-shot’ of the data center at that particular point in time, and a comprehensive audit of the computer room environment and its critical support equipment (i.e. mechanical and electrical systems). The CESA provides you with an immediate assessment, including recommendations, and serves as a valuable document that can be referred to on an ongoing basis. Some of the benefits of the CESA would include the following:


  • Establishes a current baseline reference for the equipment center (results in acknowledging where you are initially).
  • Identifies any existing areas of vulnerability (i.e. reliability) and suggests effective means for improvement if/as required.
  • Provides a comprehensive review and evaluation of your facilities electrical and mechanical support systems (i.e. the lifeblood of your IT operation)
  • Provides an accurate inventory of data center support hardware (proper inventory, tech specifications etc.) of all critical components)
  • Will allow you to effectively plan and budget for equipment life cycle replacement projects (i.e. UPS, batteries, air-conditioning units, replacement and upgrade strategies, etc.)
  • Will provide an accurate prioritized list of maintenance and upgrade items (i.e. ‘To Do’ list)
  • Provides a collection of accurate current status drawings for efficient site planning management, maintenance, and growth.
  • Will provide you with a long-term site enhancement/growth strategies (i.e. future site changes)
Data Centre Assessments