Monitoring and Testing Equipment

Our Test Equipment

Synergy Data Centres has made a significant investment in the development of our test equipment operational skills and in the purchase and maintenance of an impressive collection of specialized diagnostic test equipment. Here is a sample of the test equipment we have in our inventory.fLUKE 1650

  • Power Quality Monitors (3 phase) (14 systems)
  • Power Consumption and Demand Monitors (3 phase and single phase) (5 systems)
  • Power Harmonic Analyzers (3 phase and single phase) (14 systems)
  • Infrared Thermal Imagers
  • Ground Resistance Testers (soil resistivity, fall of potential, clamp on)
  • Spectrum Analyzer (HP 8591E with GPIB and high resolution bandwidth)Fluke Ti30
  • ELF Electromagnetic Field Dosimeter Analyzer and Trend Acquisition System (tri-axial)
  • ELF EMI Survey Meters (tri-axial)
  • Multi Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (Tektronix and Yokogawa)
  • Stoddard High Frequency Current Probes for HF power quality monitoring
  • Large selection of Power Frequency Current Probes (up to 5000 Ampere capability and 12″ diametre opening)
  • True RMS Digital Metering (Fluke and Tektronix)HP1179
  • Infrared Temperature Meters and Temperature Data Loggers
  • Electrostatic Charge (ESD) Meters
  • ESD Discharge Simulator
  • ESD Surface Resistance Testers (to test ESD floors and workstation surfaces or ESD materials)THS720
  • Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers and Trend Analyzer